LENNOX ELLC is not your typical tutorial or review centre as the courses on offer are specialised, specific and unique.  Its overarching value is set for designing excellent English language teaching and learning.  There are three reasons why the business was started. 


Firstly, the Philippines continues to be a prime destination for learning English as a Second Language (ESL) in Asia.  Thus, the centre aims to attract both local and international English learners. 


Secondly, as a former IELTS examiner, Susie experienced assessing a good number of Filipino professionals abroad who were unsuccessful in obtaining satisfactory band scores in their international English language tests which sadly resulted to their missing out various opportunities that could have improved their life situations.  It is for this reason that all teaching and learning materials and resources have been carefully researched and designed in order to support adult learners whose foundation in the English language needs enhancing. 


Finally, as a returning OFW, Susie looks forward to taking on a great teaching opportunity to build her own advocacy skills here in the Philippines.  Needless to say, she is passionately committed to providing quality ESL teaching and learning here.


The mission of LENNOX  ELLC is to help participants build up a good foundation of the particular language they are learning by boosting their overall level of competence and confidence in order for them to be an effective user.


LENNOX  ELLC  will prepare participants with the necessary skills and key sub-skills that will enable them to achieve a higher level in the language they are learning so that they could immediately utilize those skills to the required level of actual application in their different undertakings.


Unit 4, 3rd Floor, FAVI Laguna Bldg. National Road, Pulong Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines.

Mobile No.: Globe 0936 905 2425                                 Smart 0929 561 0955

Location : Unit 4, 3rd Floor, FAVI Laguna Bldg. National Road, Pulong Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines
Contact :  Globe 0936-905-2425  |  Smart 0929-561-0955